Update after upgrade to latest version.

GGMM E5 works every time.
GGMM M3 doesn't work at all - just like it didn't in previous version.
(I have not been happy with this device. As well as impossible UPNP it
is far too bassy).
Revo SuperConnect - works on FLAC music but not on DASH/AAC streams but
these streams play natively from player menu.

This is exactly where I was with previous version and I'm pretty sure
the M3 is just a bad UPNP/DLNA implementation from the maker.

So I'm happy with this.

Thanks as always Philippe.

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Server/IQAudio DAC+/Amp+
*Portable Server/Player:* LMS 7.9.1 on HP-DV2700 Laptop/Ubuntu 17.10
with synced music drive.
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Squeezelite on Windows 10 PC
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GGMM-E5 portable
*VPN Player:* SqueezePlayer on Android Phone
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