PasTim wrote: 
> I tried again on my M1 CLiC, using BBC radio aac (a recorded program,
> not live) on version  The first two attempts failed, with the
> M1 crashing.  The 3rd worked.  Further attempts to move along the time
> also failed.  Note that I have aac as the very 1st of my codecs (I don't
> recall why - it was quite some time ago that I set these up).
> To be clear, this is not important to me at the moment (I have a Touch
> alongside the M1 CLiC supplying the digital signal via coax), but if
> such testing is helpful I'm very happy to continue.  You have done a
> heck of a lot for the LMS community, and when my Touch fails, I'll need
> UPnP, Airplay or chromecast bridges to keep playing!

Thanks Tim - As we discussed in the past, your support at the beginning
of this ‘journey’ is the only reason while I’m still here and I’ve
reasonably succeeded (well so he says ;)) in bringing plugins to LMS

What would be helpful at this point is for me to make sure first that
the Marantz works fine in a classical configuration and unfortunately
aac is not very usual, there are various options sent by LMS that might
be problematic for UPnP players. So flac, pcm, mp3 is much better to
start with. This new architecture gives me much more flexibility and
better control, including the possibility to transcode on the fly, but I
want to prove the core first with the main use cases before enabling
this option.

The M1Clic always had strong « personality », I may try to buy one this
time to crack it

So, net net if you can, I’d like to confirm the archi in a classical
Marantz environment with flac, pcm and mp3 and then attack the M1 - the
log you sent me last time already showed a strange reaction to my HTTP

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