And now 320kbps is back: 


Perhaps the plugin adjusts to the weakest player? I began seeing the
above list for my PC and both Touch boxes when I exited and restarted
Squeezelite-X -while the Duet was off-. Also while the Mac with
SqueezePlay was off, but that's a less likely suspect. When I turned the
Duet and the Mac on then exited/restarted Squeezelite-X, they were all
missing 320kbps again. Then I turned those off, exited/restarted
Squeezelite-X, and it's baaack. So that's my theory for tonight. (The
ultraRendu meanwhile maintained its kpbs but lost the PSD and HD images thing at a time, one thing at a time.)

|Filename: rp-320-is-back.jpg                                       |

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