rgdawson wrote: 
> Not sure if that is it.  I cannot reproduce the issue under any
> circumstances on any of my machines.  My theory is that something is
> happening in an unusual order on startup where multiple threads are
> starting up and something is happening unexpectedly early or late based
> on the machine, configuration, and activity. I am carefully analyzing
> the code and investigating some theories, but nothing concrete yet. 
> Expect to see some updates soon.  
> R Greg Dawson

I have unistalled the Win10  App and installed .19 from your Onedrive
x86 version. The same error occurs with this version.
I also noticed that squeezelite-win.exe loads then exits whilst the
squeezelitex.exe sits in memory not doing anything - the situation seems
to be worse :-(

I have reinstalled the Win10 app now - but again squeezelite-win.exe
loads and exits - very wierd.

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