rgdawson wrote: 
> rodlogic, Obviously something is going weird on your system.  What I
> think you are saying is as follows:
> You see an Access Violation on startup BEFORE the tray icon appears.
> Then, you see the tray icon and you can get to the settings and see the
> Application Log.
> The application log indicates that something went wrong after "Read
> Settings from Registry" 
> If you press "Apply" here, the icon turn blue and things work.
> Can you send me what the application log says?
> R Greg Dawson

Unfortunately I cannot as the Squeezelitex app now does not open. 
I seem to recall the application Log was just stopped at Reading
Registry settings.
This is a link to a screen capture video of what is happening.


You can see the app triggerred, The Access Violation Notice at the same
time Squeezelite-win and Squeezelitex load, then Squeezelite-win unloads
and only Sqeezelitex remains. Also Squeezelitex does not open from the

I am not sure what else I can tell you at this point..

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