My LMS 7.9 and touch (using latest firmware) with EDO play through COAX
into a Cambridge audio Azur 640 surround receiver, that I use for both
music (from the touch) and multimedia.

Although I am quite pleased with the sound, the coaxial input is limited
to 24 bit / 96KHz.

I am now starting to collect some Hi Rez material, including dsf/dff
files and have installed the dsd player plugin v.1.0

The touch seems to play the tracks quite happily

I have tried various settings on the file type and squeezebox DSDPlayer
configuration interfaces. Most result in nasty white noise from the
"dac"/decoder, while disabling DFF | DFF and DSF | DSF and choosing
dsdplay for DFF | FLAC and DSF | FLAC did give me (very muffled and
faint) sound out.

DOP on or off gives no noticable difference.

So I am left with three options:

1. (Ideally) Buy a DSD-capable DAC and play back through that. This
would have to be extreme budget equipment at present, but any
suggestions gratefully received.
2. Can I resample the output from the touch, using the Soxr settings on
the DSDPlayer config for the touch? I can't find any description of
settings. Can anyone point me in the right direction, or suggest
settings I could try?
3. (least favourite solution). I ca down-sample the source files using
dsf2flac, but would prefer not to do this, in case I go for option 1

I'd be really glad of any help or advice that anyone can give.


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