Mnyb wrote: 
> I did not say all DAC but all decent sources to that DAC . People
> attribute big differences to sources ...
> The transcoding features may be in use more often than you think , for
> example the standard setting for WAV is to transcoder to flac to
> preserve bandwith ( a good thing if you use wifi ) the older
> squeezeboxes don't play AAC.
> And you can be surprised what's 24/96  I bougth an jazz album at
> bandcamp that was 24/96 it was not in the description or anouced in any
> way and priced no different than CD I have several examples . Some
> artists just put up thier master and don't bother to make a 16/44.1
> version as they never plan to release on physical media .
> Enough OT the transcoding framework can throw surprises at you if you
> tweak the settings to much and it's a prerequisite to DSD play .
> Now I have very few DSD files as there is almost no content aviable and
> of those they are usually also aviable in PCM hirez or cd res . So they
> few that I have is DSD only releases .
> So special DSD hardware is a waste , your going to listen to what :)
> pick new hardware if you want but DSD capacity is not a good deciding
> factor it's cool if it's there but not a deal breaker especially if you
> have the DSD play plugin.

Hi Mnyb,

Thanks very much for the screenshots of your settings and for your
advice. I ordered the DAC in a weak moment last Friday, It's n the way
now and will present an opportunity to hear if there really is a
difference (assuming the rest of my system is good enough to reveal it).
Some DSD material is available for some of the stuff I listen to and
for big oparas at least, any extra space around the voices and
instrumentation is an advantage...we'll see. Regarding the file types
settings, That's about what I have, although I only have one flac entry
per dsd type (DSF/DFF). Why do you see multiple flac lines for each? 
I'll set up SoxR, copying your settings and will see if it will play.
Will also try to use the same principle to see if I can play 24 bit
192KHz material. 

For the moment I am duplicating my dff files to flac, using 'dsf2flac'
(  The only sample rate that
'dsf2flac' ( will put out and that my
decoder will accept is 88200 Hz VBR (possible values="88200","176400",
"352800"). As the files are vastly smaller at this sample rate, there
must be some loss of detail, although only direct comparison will show
if it's noticable.



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