Learnincurve wrote: 
> Hi Mnyb,
> Thanks very much for the screenshots of your settings and for your
> advice. I ordered the DAC in a weak moment last Friday, It's n the way
> now and will present an opportunity to hear if there really is a
> difference (assuming the rest of my system is good enough to reveal it).
> Some DSD material is available for some of the stuff I listen to and
> for big oparas at least, any extra space around the voices and
> instrumentation is an advantage...we'll see. Regarding the file types
> settings, That's about what I have, although I only have one flac entry
> per dsd type (DSF/DFF). Why do you see multiple flac lines for each? 
> I'll set up SoxR, copying your settings and will see if it will play.
> Will also try to use the same principle to see if I can play 24 bit
> 192KHz material. 
> For the moment I am duplicating my dff files to flac, using 'dsf2flac'
> (https://github.com/hank/dsf2flac).  The only sample rate that
> 'dsf2flac' (https://github.com/hank/dsf2flac) will put out and that my
> decoder will accept is 88200 Hz VBR (possible values="88200","176400",
> "352800"). As the files are vastly smaller at this sample rate, there
> must be some loss of detail, although only direct comparison will show
> if it's noticable.
> BR.
> --Marius--

I find that the transcoding LMS does is practically transparent and so
should dsf2falc be given that you dont try some exotic setting . You can
probably make an audible conversion with SoX to with weird enough
settings it's all the rage with very slove slopes and apodizng settings
and classical filter aproaches are somewhat frowned upon :) but id do
think think some of the new aproaches are in themself audible du to
noticable drop in hf withoin the audible range and excess hf noise .

Set up a blind test between converted and original file if possible ,
notice that the conversion may change the volume sligthly so look out
for that .

I must confess that i dont have that many new classical releases its
probably only there you can find viable DSD content repurposed old
recordings and the usual fakes sold as SACD in their day is really not
up for it , you be better of with the CD imho .

I mainly use DSDplay and other SoX conversion options in LMS for the
purpose of not having to convert files to fit my system . So that i can
accept the files as the vendor sells them .
I do expect CD or better to sound the same if properly done .
So i value this plugin as a compatibility extension but thats my pow .
So i dont have much to say about audio quality and tweaking here .

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