drmatt wrote: 
> I'm not sure all DACs do sound the same (though I agree the differences
> are extremely small), but that seems to be a holy war round here so I'm
> not going to debate it further, just leave the OP to experiment at
> leisure.
> I am not into orchestral music so my requirements don't match the OPs
> and I don't see any need to push beyond CD quality for the material I'm
> listening to... Hence I have no experience of EDO or transcoding DSD on
> LMS. So I'll go away now.. :)

I did not say all DAC but all decent sources to that DAC . People
attribute big differences to sources ...

The transcoding features may be in use more often than you think , for
example the standard setting for WAV is to transcoder to flac to
preserve bandwith ( a good thing if you use wifi ) the older
squeezeboxes don't play AAC.

And you can be surprised what's 24/96  I bougth an jazz album at
bandcamp that was 24/96 it was not in the description or anouced in any
way and priced no different than CD I have several examples . Some
artists just put up thier master and don't bother to make a 16/44.1
version as they never plan to release on physical media .

Enough OT the transcoding framework can throw surprises at you if you
tweak the settings to much and it's a prerequisite to DSD play .

Now I have very few DSD files as there is almost no content aviable and
of those they are usually also aviable in PCM hirez or cd res . So they
few that I have is DSD only releases .
So special DSD hardware is a waste , your going to listen to what :)
pick new hardware if you want but DSD capacity is not a good deciding
factor it's cool if it's there but not a deal breaker especially if you
have the DSD play plugin.

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