Hi, I've just reinstalled LMS from scratch using max2play after I had a
memory card corrupt and kill my old Squeezeplug setup.

I've moved to the Spotify Official v1 plugin + the Spotify Protocol
Handler 1.1.1 plugin from the old Triode plugin.

I'm finding that I can only access the Spotify app on OrangeSqueeze
Android for some of my squeezeboxes, however all squeezeboxes play
spotify audio fine when controlled from the web interface.

I've got the following squeezebox players:

2 x Boom
1 x Duet
1 x max2play HDMI

So if I use OrangeSqueeze, I can customize my player main menu to
display 'Spotify' (green icon) for the Duet and max2Play, but the
Spotify icon is not available from the customise options for the two
Boom players.

Using the web interface, all players have Spotify (green icon) listed
under 'My Apps >'

Spotify is playing fine on all players (ie via synchronisation or
Once a spotify song is playing on a Boom I can control it with
OrangeSqueeze, but I just can't search for any new spotify songs.

What's going on?

If I go to http://www.mysqueezebox.com/user/apps/Spotify > Player
a whole load of squeezeboxes are listed (lots that I don't use any more,
eg old software players from testing), but my two Booms and max2Play are
not listed. All however are set to 'Display on home menu'

Thanks for any help you can offer!

I may have to go back to Triode's original orange 3rd party spotify
plugin otherwise. (What is the difference actually between the two
plugins, which one is better?)

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