Thank you for the tips, Michael.

I have got it working now, but it was a fiddly process! 

I'm wondering, why do you need a to be setup and
connected even if you are just playing Spotify locally with your own

I switched one of the Booms over to instead of my LMS,
and noticed on the screen it was registered to someone else's email
I emailed them, and kindly they deregistered the squeezebox Boom from
their account. The strange thing was that they said they had never owned
a Boom! 

So then manually added my credentials to the boom and logged it on. Went
to the account and enabled Spotify for the menu. Then
did the same locally.

Restarded LMS and was able to select Spotify from the Orangesqueeze


One more Boom to do... And I hope the previous owner of that also
answers their emails! 


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