If I go to http://www.mysqueezebox.com/user/apps/Spotify > Player
a whole load of squeezeboxes are listed (lots that I don't use any more,
eg old software players from testing), but my two Booms and max2Play are
not listed. All however are set to 'Display on home menu'

Are the same devices not listed which would not see the plugin? Did you buy the Booms second hand? Is their MAC address correct (compare the one from the sticker at the bottom with what is reported in LMS Settings/Information).

I may have to go back to Triode's original orange 3rd party spotify
plugin otherwise. (What is the difference actually between the two
plugins, which one is better?)

The SPH, obviously, or I wouldn't have done it ;-).

No, seriously: when it comes to playback, they're the same. SPH is a stripped down version of Triode's, removing the latter's menus and browsing code. Both Triode's and the official Spotify implementation have their pros and cons. "better" depends on your expectations. The official version is more up to date, giving access to some of the newer features. Triode's has features like "similar artists" or the like which don't exist in the official plugin (lack of API support).


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