I'm having trouble with the SDT Wunderground plugin. Up until a few days
ago I've been using the other SDT plugin, but that keeps failing to
parse the weather output of weather.com, so I decided to switch over to
the Wunderground version of the plugin.

I registered for a Wunderground API key and entered that together with
the weather station code in the plugin setup. Everything working ...

However, after a few hours I got an email from Wunderground that my
allowed number of API calls has been used up and one of my raindrops has
been used. As a consequence I reduced the update interval from 5 to 15.
But the same thing happened the next day. So I reduced to 60. As it
happened even on the third day, I reduced to 6000 - thinking that
perhaps it's in seconds and not minutes.

But still, it happened again. Now my initial 3 raindrops are used up and
the key stops working after a few hours of the new day.

> Your wunderground API key (xxx) exceeded its allotted usage today by
making 509 calls in a day but the limit is 500.
> The key has been disabled for the remainder of the day.
> We check usage for 24-hour periods based on U.S. Eastern Time.
> The plan you are registered for is Stratus - Developer, granting you
500 calls per day with 10 calls per minute limit for all of the features
in the Stratus package. To upgrade your plan go to: >
> Details: exceededcalls: calls: 509 (of 500)
> Time: Thu, Oct 13, 2016 20:30 EDT

What can I do about it? What did I configure wrongly?

TIA and Greetings,

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