sbellon wrote: 
> However, after a few hours I got an email from Wunderground that my
> allowed number of API calls has been used up and one of my raindrops has
> been used. As a consequence I reduced the update interval from 5 to 15.
> But the same thing happened the next day. So I reduced to 60. As it
> happened even on the third day, I reduced to 6000 - thinking that
> perhaps it's in seconds and not minutes.
I've been using the WU version of SDT since before Greg took over and it
clearly states 'minutes' for the refresh interval field. So 5 or 10 is
what you should enter there. Anything more than ten will put you over

> > The plan you are registered for is Stratus - Developer, granting you
> 500 calls per day with 10 calls per minute limit for all of the features
> in the Stratus package. To upgrade your plan go to: 
> >
> > Details: exceededcalls: calls: 509 (of 500)
> > Time: Thu, Oct 13, 2016 20:30 EDT
> What can I do about it? What did I configure wrongly?
I have mine set for a 5 minute refresh rate and barely hit 250 calls a
day and here's what September looked like:

|Filename: 2016-10-14_08-51-52.jpg                                  |

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