sbellon wrote: 
> I'm having trouble with the SDT Wunderground plugin. Up until a few days
> ago I've been using the other SDT plugin, but that keeps failing to
> parse the weather output of, so I decided to switch over to
> the Wunderground version of the plugin.
> I registered for a Wunderground API key and entered that together with
> the weather station code in the plugin setup. Everything working ...
> wohooo.
> However, after a few hours I got an email from Wunderground that my
> allowed number of API calls has been used up and one of my raindrops has
> been used. As a consequence I reduced the update interval from 5 to 15.
> But the same thing happened the next day. So I reduced to 60. As it
> happened even on the third day, I reduced to 6000 - thinking that
> perhaps it's in seconds and not minutes.
> But still, it happened again. Now my initial 3 raindrops are used up and
> the key stops working after a few hours of the new day.
> > Your wunderground API key (xxx) exceeded its allotted usage today by
> making 509 calls in a day but the limit is 500.
> > The key has been disabled for the remainder of the day.
> > We check usage for 24-hour periods based on U.S. Eastern Time.
> >
> > The plan you are registered for is Stratus - Developer, granting you
> 500 calls per day with 10 calls per minute limit for all of the features
> in the Stratus package. To upgrade your plan go to: >
> >
> > Details: exceededcalls: calls: 509 (of 500)
> > Time: Thu, Oct 13, 2016 20:30 EDT
> What can I do about it? What did I configure wrongly?
> TIA and Greetings,
> Stefan

This sounds strange.  The best help would be to look at the LMS server
log file.  I would suggest setting the logging level for SDT to "debug"
- go to the LMS Server Settings, Advanced tab, select "Logging".  Find "
(plugin.superdatetime) - SuperDateTime Screensaver" and set to "Debug". 
Select the "Save logging settings for use at next application restart",
and hit the "Apply" button.  Set your Data Refresh Interval on SDT back
to 10 (or 5 should be OK, that's what I use).
Restart LMS, and let run for 15 minutes or so.  Save the LMS server log
(LMS Settings, Information tab, next to "Logitech Media Server Log File"
click on "everything" to save the log file.  I'll try to PM you with my
email address, and send me the log file.
I've not seen this before - I wonder if you did something strange when
you installed - did you install using the repository, and the built-in
installer from LMS, or did you install manually?  Are you sure the version is not still running?  (Maybe one was installed
manually at a different location then the auto-installer) - if there are
two instances running, they may be causing funny behaviour.

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