I have been using Squeeze Control for casual/basic music playing on Xbox
One with my Squeezebox Touch in the living room.
The app has been working very stable and the interface with the game
controller is fine (but honestly not ideal)
Nevertheless, it is a big relief that I am now able to control my music
device via the same controller I use for gaming/Netflix/youtube and TV.
My opinion: great value for money with Squeeze Control. It also is a
cross platform purchase on Xbox an PC (say 'play anywhere')

I might also get the Android version since the Logitech official app's
interface is looking crap.

Squeezebox Server 7.9.0 *** Squeezebox family: 3x Radio
(Black/White/Red) / 2x Touch / 2x Controller / Android App / SqueezePlay
*** AKG K240-DF headphone
Synology DS415play - DSM 6.x *** Synology DS209+II - DSM 4.2 *** Denon
PMA1500ae (analog)*** Kef iQ7 S.E *** Denon DVD DBP1610 (blu-ray)
-Looking out for a Squeezebox control UWP app to run on my beloved Xbox
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