teeitup wrote: 
> Just discovered your program.
> When playing music from Pandora It doesn't indicate that Pandora is the
> source. Displays (0).
> When playing music from local radio station it doesn't indicate the
> source/radio call name.
> A cool feature would be a minimize button that would display just the
> Album art and controls. Could be placed in the upper right corner of the
> desktop. Kind of like a widget.
> Squeeze-Controller Version: v1.4.3 Linux-ia32
> LMS version: Logitech Media Server Version: 7.7.5 - 1416570306
> OS: Debian testing (stretch/sid)
> Thanks,
> Randy G

I am not quite sure what you mean by the first two points, could you
maybe send me a screenshot or something to help me understand?
I don't have Pandora (not a thing in Austria) and radio stations look
fine to me..

I agree that would be nice, I will look into it!

Thanks for the feedback!

PS: v1.4.3 is not the version of Squeeze Controller, but the version of
electron. The latest Squeeze Controller is 0.1.0-alpha.12.

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