bagawire wrote: 
> Hi Michi,
> Log wouldn't attach.  D/L
> here:
> (3Mb)
> Video of a little browsing and playing also made - here:
> (62Mb)
> Thanks!
> Richie

exactly what i expected. everything look right.
Lets take for example the song animal.
The cover function receives this data:

    {"playlist index":0,"id":19087405,"title":"Animal","artist":"Banabila, 
Machinefabriek","album":"Error Log","year":"2015"}

So it builds the cover url using the id parameter.

        } else if ( {
  if ($scope.logging === true) console.log('iconurl id')
  return $scope.LmsUrl + 'music/' + + '/cover_' + res + 'x' + res + '_p'

In theory this sould point to the cover of the song in a 200x200
resolution (you can try that out in your browser)


Could you please open lms in your browser and open the cover of the song
in a new tab. Then send me the link.

Thanks for helping me!

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