mherger wrote: 
> > --------------------
> >     {"playlist
> index":0,"id":19087405,"title":"Animal","artist":"Banabila,
> Machinefabriek","album":"Error Log","year":"2015"}
> > --------------------
> >
> > So it builds the cover url using the id parameter.
> Please note that id and artwork id can differ. If you're using the 
> status query to get that information, you should include the "c" tag to
> get the coverid. Use this value to create the artwork url instead. See
> That's the code used by the web UI. It's basically looking for a 
> artwork_url first (returned if you use "K", but only for some music 
> services...), then coverid. Some of that code is probably legacy and no
> longer really required. But it should give you an idea.
> -- 
> Michael

Ahhh okay that would make sense. 
Will try that as soon as i get home. This will also properly speed
things up because caching works per url and coverid is properly common
when its the same cover.
Thanks a lot!

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