Hi Paolo!

>> 1) sql_startup_delay does not work for me . I would like to postpone the 
>> first data processing/cache purging before BGP peering is up. otherwise the 
>> table contains data without information from BGP daemon.

> Correlation happens when flow data is received - not upon purge. So
> simply delaying the purge is not going to benefit. I wonder, is it such
> a big deal though? How often are you restarting the collector and why?

is there a possibility to run a BGP demon standalone earlier than nfacctd?
with my current configuration, the following occurs - on begin run nfaccd :
NFO ( storage/pgsql ): cache entries=131084 base cache memory=47286240 bytes
INFO ( storage/pgsql ): *** Purging cache - START (PID: 12464) ***
INFO ( storage/pgsql ): *** Purging cache - END (PID: 12464, QN: 51217/51217, 
ET: 0) ***
INFO ( storage/pgsql ): Finished cache entries (ie. sql_cache_entries). Purging.
INFO ( storage/pgsql ): *** Purging cache - START (PID: 12466) ***
INFO ( storage/pgsql ): *** Purging cache - END (PID: 12466, QN: 137084/137084, 
ET: 0) ***
INFO ( default/core/BGP ): [MY_RR_IP_ADDR] BGP peers usage: 1/4
INFO ( default/core/BGP ): [MY_RR_IP_ADDR] BGP_OPEN: Local AS: 12593 Remote AS: 
12593 HoldTime: 90

can not get into BGP "holdtime event" receive from RR. in "production" - 
collector always run, does not restart. 
a problem only at the start of work (for the time of tests several times it was 
necessary to observe such a problem).

>> 2) is it possible to rotate tables, for example, once a week, simply by 
>> creating a new one with a new name (example all_traffic_%m) ? In this case, 
>> no aggregation should occur - therefore the parameters are not suitable
>> for me if I correctly understood their purpose.

> Please elaborate more. 'sql_table: acct_v4_%w' should achieve you the
> rotation behaviour you desire. I loose you on the aggregation point you
> make.

sorry typo. of course %w. The problem is that i need to rotate the table, but 
do not aggregate this table. why - to reduce the number of entries in the 
active table (after two days of working with my ipfix flow, the number of 
records in the sql_table reached ~50 millions). So the question is whether the 
table will rotate without using aggregation parameters, such as 


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