Paolo, thanks for your reply!

>> sorry typo. of course %w. The problem is that i need to rotate the table, 
>> but do not aggregate this table. why - to reduce the number of entries in 
>> the active table (after two days of working with my ipfix flow, the number 
>> of records in the sql_table reached ~50 millions). So the question is 
>> whether the table will rotate without using aggregation parameters, such as 
>> sql_history/sql_history_roundoff?

> There is something i struggle in your elaboration: you say you wish to
> not aggregate data in the table but at the same time you say it is a
> problem to get ~50 millions in the table. Can you make an example to
> describe your desired behaviour?

I would like to create a table once a week with a new name (for 
example,acct_%w%Y), which would store non-historical data from 
aggregate[storage]                      : 
sql_optimize_clauses[storage]           : true
sql_table[storage]                      : all_traffic
sql_table_type[storage]                 : bgp
sql_dont_try_update[storage]            : true
sql_use_copy[storage]                   : true

Will the directives sql_table_schema/sql_table_with_dynamic_name work without 


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