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On Sat, Mar 03, 2018 at 08:34:21PM +0200, Andrey Koblyuk wrote:

> is there a possibility to run a BGP demon standalone earlier than nfacctd?

Yes, you have the pmbgpd daemon for that (standalone BGP daemon). But
i think it's not going to solve you anything for what you are trying to
achieve (ie. only solution is not to restart the daemon often enough so
that restarts are impacting on the quality of data). With the standalone
daemon you could save BGP data separately from flow data, then reconcile
them at your leisure as part of post-processing; or you can xconnect BGP
peers through pmbgpd to a nfacctd collector. See:

> sorry typo. of course %w. The problem is that i need to rotate the table, but 
> do not aggregate this table. why - to reduce the number of entries in the 
> active table (after two days of working with my ipfix flow, the number of 
> records in the sql_table reached ~50 millions). So the question is whether 
> the table will rotate without using aggregation parameters, such as 
> sql_history/sql_history_roundoff?

There is something i struggle in your elaboration: you say you wish to
not aggregate data in the table but at the same time you say it is a
problem to get ~50 millions in the table. Can you make an example to
describe your desired behaviour?


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