Hi Andrey,


On Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 10:43:45AM +0200, Andrey Koblyuk wrote:
> Except for the standard fields IPFIX in the flow there is nothing. template 
> from router in attach. 
> How can I make collector on the information from the template when creating a 
> table? 
> I do not insist, but it seems to me that when using the parameter 
> nfacctd_time_new, the table should be created based on the current date. and 
> it's still some kind of bug. :(

Then you may be missing the sql_history and sql_history_roundoff then.
If also this is not the case then it's either the flow (i'd need a
sample of your flow data, not the template) or a bug.
> > 2) It is a simplistic yet harmless approach to blindly send a CREATE
> >    TABLE, maybe the message back should be made a warning rather than an
> >    error. It's harmless because as you see, data is purged anyway; it's
> >    simplistic because it saves the effort to probe if the table exists.
> i replace CREATE TABLE in schema file to CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS and get 
> NOTICE , not ERROR. it's good :)

Fantastic, thanks for the feedback.


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