First person to answer these questions *correctly* can get $5.00 via  
PayPal. I'll also donate $5.00 to PmWiki. I know it's not much, and  
obviously, it's worth *way* more, but I am seriously broke. Tell me  
what to code and where to put that code.

(Note: I've used square brackets rather than angle brackets in the  
hopes that my formatting won't get messed up in this email. In my  
actual code, all the square brackets are angles brackets)

First, three questions on formatting images:

1) How can I make it so that when I place an image, the block of text it
is in is a [p] rather than a [div]?

2) How can I apply a class (and/or an id) to an image in the form of:

        [p][img src=""; alt="Example"  
class="myClass" /] Blah blah blah.[/p]

3) Is there any way to use relative paths for images (this one isn't  
all that important, but it would be nice)?

Second part:

I've managed to make a custom markup that generated blockquote tags.  
It goes like this:

        Markup("blockquote", "block", "/\\(:bq:\\)(.*?)\\(:bqend:\\)/",  

It works to generate the blockquote tag just fine, but I also need to  
be able to pass a style to it. So, the output would looks something  

        [blockquote class="MyStyle"]...[/blockquote]

Being able to pass an id="blah" would be handy, too.

Ideally, I'd like to mark it up like this (in actually using the  
wiki, that is):

        (:bq class="MyClass":)

        Blah blah blah blah.

        Yadda yadda.





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