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> This pretty much works.
> The image and div vs. p solutions worked perfectly. I even figured out how to 
> hyperlink the images. If anyone is wondering its:
> %img class=MyClass% [[http://www.yahoo.com/ | placehoder.jpg"alt and title 
> text"]]%%

Eemeli Aro solution is working but require to alter core scripts.
Here's a way to prevent this. At the end of your config.php, add:

if (IsEnabled($EnableStdConfig,1)) {
    = preg_replace('/<(\/)?div>/', '<$1p>',

> For now, I'm okay with using (:div: class="MyClass":) rather than 
> blockquotes, but I'd still *really* like to figure out how to code that. I 
> try to be semantic as possible.

Here's a way to have a dedicated (:bq:)...(:bqend:) markup. It's
widely inspirated from the actual (:div:) markup and should provide
the same nesting features:

function HTMLBlock($block, $name, $attr) {
  global $MarkupFrame;
  $attr = PQA($attr);
  $name = strtolower($name);
  $key = preg_replace('/end$/', '', $name);
  $out = '<:block>'.MarkupClose($key);
  if (substr($name, -3) == 'end') return $out;
  $cf = & $MarkupFrame[0]['closeall'];
  $out .= "<$block $attr>";
  $cf[$key] = "</$block>";
  return $out;
Markup('blockquot', '<block',

> At any rate, I'll email you off list to see where to send your Money :)

If you also wish to reward this contribution, please send it to PM :)


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