> Le 8 févr. 2018 à 11:33, Olivier Mascia <o...@integral.be> a écrit :
> ...
>       PdfFont* pFont = document.CreateFontSubset("Arial", false, false);
> ...
> the file looks good, Acrobat Reader and Mac Preview confirms ArialMT 
> partially embedded, no substitution done for display.
> ...
> Using CreateFontSubset("Consolas", false, false);
> It displays white (no text visible at all) on Acrobat and partially on the 
> Mac Preview app (only the text "Accentués... Chiffres" but not the digits 
> themselves), yet Acrobat confirms "Consolas, partial embedding, Truetype, no 
> substitution", just as it did for Arial.
> I don't know yet what goes wrong. Is it the subsetting which goes wrong? Does 
> it go wrong due to whatever specifics in the Consolas font (which I don't 
> know/suspect about)?

New facts, in case it would pop an idea, a déjà-vu, from one subscriber of the 

- rebuilt test case with code from subversion trunk : same results.
- rerun same case with 'Courier New' instead of 'Consolas' : works fine, 
nothing strange spotted (just as it was fine with 'Arial').
- rerun (the equivalent code) with another PDF toolkit than PoDoFo : works 
fine, nothing strange spotted (Arial, Courier New, Consolas, all fine).
- checked on another one of my Windows VM (other Windows version), same results 
(only fails with 'Consolas'; maybe fails with some others too but I played only 
with Arial, Consolas, Courier New).

I tend to think this rules out the state of my Consolas TTF font (which were 
not added / installed but are default provided on recent Windows versions, for 
years): that should not be originated in a bad / damaged file.  Yet that could 
be something peculiar to that font (but what?) which leads PoDoFo doing 
something wrong (while some other toolkit seem not to have issue with that 

I'll have to get in and understand the code that drives the subsetting and 
injection of a TTF font into the PDF, tracing it with Arial and Consolas to 
maybe spot where it diverges.

Best Regards, Meilleures salutations, Met vriendelijke groeten,
Olivier Mascia

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