> Le 9 févr. 2018 à 14:16, Ulrich Arnold Privat <ulrich.arn...@t-online.de> a 
> écrit :
> If I open your pdf in Acrobat I can get a inventory report. This shows on 
> page 3 a missing ! in your cambria subset font, and some messages
> Uli

Thanks a lot Ulrich for the time you took having a look and running this 
report! Much appreciated. :)
This information confirms where I should be looking: some font subsetting issue.
Now I have to find if this happens when PoDoFo writes to the PDF streams or it 
it happens before, when FreeType gather the needed information.
At least it confirms there is value to dig that path.

Again, thanks!
Best Regards, Meilleures salutations, Met vriendelijke groeten,
Olivier Mascia

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