On 23 February 2018 at 13:41, zyx <z...@gmx.us> wrote:
> other projects I work on use
>    #include <path/file.h>
> in public headers, where the path depends on the provided include
> directory in their .pc files or such. When you make it just
>    #include "file.h"
> then it can break, especially when the project being compiled also
> contains the same file.

Wait, wait: I don't want anyone to switch to  #include <podofo.h>.
The change I made should theoretically support both #include <podofo/podofo.h>
and #include <podofo.h> . Does it really break for you?

> Changing the directory structure is better done in-place, such patches
> would be horrible to verify and so on. Not talking about its size and
> the need to svn actually understand the move operation, to keep the
> history of the changes properly.


> As I said before, I'm against changing the public headers.

Me neither: I made the change with the intention to not break anyone.

> Not a question for me, but my opinion is: no. I'm not a fan of github
> myself, just the opposite. There had been brought this question on the
> list in a not so distant past too.

I will look for past messages.

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