Hi ports@,

Here is a new and improved tarball for the Tor Browser ports.  After
semarie@'s comments and the other feedback on my last attempt I came
up with another way that might also be acceptable to upstream.

The issue is: where does Tor browser store its state?  The answers for
other platforms don't apply to our situation.  Under OSX and Windows
there is already a canonical place where per-user data goes, and in
fact the new --enable-tor-browser-data-outside-app-dir configure
option impacts this on both.  Under Linux the bundle takes care of
this by storing all the software and state under a single directory
tree under your home directory.

In our case we have packaged the software to be installed under
/usr/local but can't store any state there.  Instead of #ifdef __OpenBSD__
I added an --enable-tor-browser-data-in-home-dir configure option;
this option implies --enable-tor-browser-data-outside-app-dir since it
is effectively a special case of it.

With this, user state is stored in ~/TorBrowser-Data, which is the
directory name used by --enable-tor-browser-data-ouside-app-dir.  The
only difference is that we store it under the home directory instead
of a platform-specific path (~/Library/mumble... under OSX, dunno
under Windows).

I think I've also addressed all the outstanding concerns raised on
other threads: the torbutton port no longer patches out the version
check, the log verbosity and output method are default again in both
torbutton and tor-launcher.  I'm still using the geoip data files
installed with net/tor but if anyone objects I can package geoip{,6}
with tor-launcher instead.

The ports have been updated to 6.0.5 (released 16 Sept), which deals
with the recently disclosed issue with certificate pinning.

We have built and tested these ports under amd64 and i386 on the early
22 Sept snap.

Feedback, comments, most welcome.

Pax, -A
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