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>> Hi ports@,
>> Here is a new and improved tarball for the Tor Browser ports.  After
>> semarie@'s comments and the other feedback on my last attempt I came
>> up with another way that might also be acceptable to upstream.
>> The issue is: where does Tor browser store its state?  The answers for
>> other platforms don't apply to our situation.  Under OSX and Windows
>> there is already a canonical place where per-user data goes, and in
>> fact the new --enable-tor-browser-data-outside-app-dir configure
>> option impacts this on both.  Under Linux the bundle takes care of
>> this by storing all the software and state under a single directory
>> tree under your home directory.
>> In our case we have packaged the software to be installed under
>> /usr/local but can't store any state there.  Instead of #ifdef __OpenBSD__
>> I added an --enable-tor-browser-data-in-home-dir configure option;
>> this option implies --enable-tor-browser-data-outside-app-dir since it
>> is effectively a special case of it.
>> With this, user state is stored in ~/TorBrowser-Data, which is the
>> directory name used by --enable-tor-browser-data-ouside-app-dir.  The
>> only difference is that we store it under the home directory instead
>> of a platform-specific path (~/Library/mumble... under OSX, dunno
>> under Windows).
>> I think I've also addressed all the outstanding concerns raised on
>> other threads: the torbutton port no longer patches out the version
>> check, the log verbosity and output method are default again in both
>> torbutton and tor-launcher.  I'm still using the geoip data files
>> installed with net/tor but if anyone objects I can package geoip{,6}
>> with tor-launcher instead.
>> The ports have been updated to 6.0.5 (released 16 Sept), which deals
>> with the recently disclosed issue with certificate pinning.
>> We have built and tested these ports under amd64 and i386 on the early
>> 22 Sept snap.
> Thanks to Mattieu Baptiste for pointing out that the sqlite3 -> ports
> changes broke the tor-browser port build.  It turns out we should be
> using the bundled sqlite3 anyway, and has an option to
> do this.  Attached are updated ports that reflect this and build on
> the (earliest) 3 Oct snap.  Tested on amd64.
> Feedback, comments, most welcome.
> Pax, -A

Ping.  Ports attached for convenience.

Pax, -A
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