On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 05:42:00PM +0200, Jeremie Courreges-Anglas wrote:
> Some time ago I took a look at hooking lua53 flavors in the ports that
> support it.  It turned out that some ports were already broken with
> particular versions of lua (the most common errors are missing functions
> at dlopen time, and module() errors), yet they were hooked up.

There are basically two use cases for Lua. One you have an app that
extends itself for scripting and usually specify one Lua version to
run at. Like HexChat that recommends lua52 or newer for their scripts.

And then you have the libraries. Those *should* support all Lua versions
but often neglect have them fail at the newer ones. If the library is
decent enough though, then there's usually a newer version somewhere
that fixes that issue, or the issues are trivially fixed. The Lua
maintainers provide very easy pointers on how to support all major
Lua versions.

> So it's not just about adding lua53 flavors, but about having
> a consistent ports tree.  In the end, I think that lua.port.mk should
> stop populating FLAVORS automatically, so that people hacking on lua
> have to explicitly enable the lua versions they tested.  Just like for
> python.port.mk.

It would certainly be the easiest solutions yes. And I am sure that
there are projects which are beyond hope. But I'd rather invest the
work and get the good ones to support all flavours, and cleanse the

> The diff to explicitly add FLAVORS / hook them up is not ripe yet,
> but first I'd like to know if people object to the proposal above.

Those are my €0.02


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