Hi, I'm not sure but this may be getting off topic but here goes.

I use full Outlook client and I think I have it setup to make new emails in 
Plain text, other options are RTF and HTML.
I am guessing replies come back in same format, but could easily be changed by 
replying client.

I guess I can change my client to HTML and see if future posts to the list that 
I get with links, come in normal or not.



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Noel Jones wrote:
> The ability to hover on a link and see something depends on html
> code in the message, so this feature isn't possible in a plain text
> mail.

... especially if the "feature" relies on Javascript to work. 
Personally that's one of the very first things I do when I have reason 
to do a fresh install of Thunderbird or Seamonkey;  allowing active 
Javascript to execute in, from, or around an email message is just 
asking for trouble and IMO any support for it should never have been 
added to email clients in the first place.


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