On 5/17/18 3:59 PM, Mike Guelfi wrote:
> Quoting Noel Jones <njo...@megan.vbhcs.org>:
>> It seems counterproductive to rewrite a plain-text link...  I don't
>> know it there's a setting in the O365 controls to avoid mangling
>> plain text, so you may have to live with it.
>>   -- Noel Jones
> The worst of it is, MS are inserting themselves in the transaction so
> they get to track which links you click in emails.
> There's a good security reason to do so 

What MS does is to "check" (whatever that entails) the URL and then
respond to the HTTP client with a redirect. I can envision a very simple
mechanism for which the response served to the MS robot that verify the
URL is different from the one served to other clients.

Can you please elaborate on what are the "good security reasons" for
which that is a good idea and not simply a form of user tracking?

Thanks. Cheers,

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