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On 5/17/2018 9:40 AM, Fazzina, Angelo wrote:
Hi, wanted to ask if anyone has this issue and how they deal with it ?


My work email is on O365 and we just turned ATP and EOP on so emails
with URLS

are being rewritten. That is fine, but my issue is with plain text
emails from

this list.

when they come in i get the rewritten hyper link in the email
instead of the URL

that was posted in the email. You are supposed to hover the mouse
over the URL and then see the link below.

this big mess below is supposed to just be

http:// www. postfix.org/postconf.5.html #reject_unknown_client_hostname


O365 seems to work fine when emails are in html and it does it’s
rewriting black magic….





The ability to hover on a link and see something depends on html
code in the message, so this feature isn't possible in a plain text

It seems counterproductive to rewrite a plain-text link...  I don't
know it there's a setting in the O365 controls to avoid mangling
plain text, so you may have to live with it.

  -- Noel Jones

The worst of it is, MS are inserting themselves in the transaction so
they get to track which links you click in emails.

There's a good security reason to do so but the problem I have with it
is the opt out isn't a setting, it's a support request to Microsoft to
ask them to please allow you to get email as written. The FAQ attempts
to discourage you from trying, vis:

    Can I deactivate these security features?

    To provide the best protection for your account, these features
are on by default
    and not designed to be turned off. You can contact our customer
service team via
    in-product support to have them deactivate the features on your
behalf, but we do not recommend it.


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