Using postfix 3.3.0 I recently set, in, 'delay_warning_time = 15m'.
Now when an outgoing message is delayed I see these in the log:

... postfix/bounce[12303]: warning: [built-in]: zero result in delay
template conversion of parameter "delay_warning_time_hours"
... postfix/bounce[12303]: warning: please reduce time unit "hours" of
"delay_warning_time_hours" in delay template
... postfix/bounce[12303]: warning: for instructions see the bounce(5)

Strangely (to me), these messages appear 20 minutes (not 15 minutes) after
the original message was delayed.

I am not using any special delay template:
# postconf bounce_template_file
bounce_template_file =

I have looked at man 5 bounce. Does the built-in template use an
undocumented parameter 'delay_warning_time_hours'?

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