As another said, restricted area is spelled out in 10CFR20.   But your UFSAR 
(the boundaries of your license) spell out what each station MUST do.  
10CFR20.1901 and 1902 show what must be posted and the words for compliance.  
All other shapes, designators such as “RCA”, “REP” or “RWP” is in the UFSAR if 
it is a license requirement.  Shapes of signs, sizes, and such is 
discretionary.   I do know- to change to the new signs will be a significant 
expense with only a perceived benefit.  (My opinion)  Do you really notice the 
shape of the stop sign or what the color of the letters are? Sue

Sue Ziegler
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Quick benchmark:

While implementing the industry standards for HRA/VHRA posting shapes/signs, we 
are also transitioning from “Restricted Area” to “Radiologically Controlled 

There’s no guidance that we can find on what the shape/wording needs to be on 
the Radiologically Controlled area sign.  Does your plant use a sign (or signs) 

1.      The words “Radiologically Controlled Area”

2.      The acronym “RCA”

3.      The shape of a vertically aligned rectangle

4.      The shape of a horizontally aligned rectangle

5.      Anything else on the sign, besides a trefoil?

Beth Heyeck

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