Hey - --

Because of my famous dog (https://www.instagram.com/caninehappyhour/), I
need to be able to:
 -- record live (cable) TV, and
 -- gain access to the files in order to edit them.

We aren't big TV folks, and we have never had a DVR. I'd be willing to buy
an inexpensive one, but shopping and Googling confuses the heck out of me.

For example i see these:
I see I have to add my own USB hard disk (which I have). Would that do it?

 -- https://www.amazon.com/Sling-Media-SB375-100-Slingbox-M2/dp/B011QHAOWO
Would that do it?

PVR? Personal Video Recorder?

Comcast is our provider. Is there a way to do this without additional

I need to record stuff Thursday & Friday.

Anybody willing to give me a kick me in the right direction?


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