You may want to look at a device such as this:

It would sit between your cable box and your TV to record the stream from the 
HDMI cable.  I haven't tried this but was considering this for our users 
group(s). I could record any presentation (Windows / Mac / Linux ) with no 
software to install on the presenters machine.

It might work for your scenario but you could only record what was played to 
your TV.

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I guess my thinking dates back to VCR days. Thanks, guys.

On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 5:20 AM, AndyHC <> wrote:

> Some of these cheap Android TV streamers allow recording of the stream 
> - do they encrypt? - even the Chinese ones?
> On 18-Oct-16 10:14 AM, Alan Bourke wrote:
>> If I get a DVR, can I gain access to and manipulate the files?
>> Nope. Encrypted up the wazoo.
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