Not that I'm aware of.

You know how "in bed" the music industry is with Microsoft? (lawsuits against napster, etc.) Well, Hollyweird is even more in control of Silicon Valley than the techies are. (All this is my opinion of course.)

Video "rights to distribute" are where the money is in follow the money.


Ken Kixmoeller (ProFox) wrote:
Thanks, Mike --

If I get a DVR, can I gain access to and manipulate the files?

On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 4:55 PM, Mike Copeland <> wrote:


I might be off base, but most cable companies have gone to great lengths
to prevent you from recording video off their feed.

Saying that, I have had success with the Windows 7 Media Player recording
tv feed from an Internet streaming feed (but not from cable feed.)

I thought I read that Microsoft removed the video recording from a video
stream in Windows 8 and above.

I also tried several of the OpenSource packages on Linux, complete with
hardware, and had no luck.  After a few hundred hours I figured I had
already spent more than a years rental of a DVR from my cable company would

Good luck!

Mike Copeland

Ken Kixmoeller (ProFox) wrote:

Hey - --

Because of my famous dog (, I
need to be able to:
   -- record live (cable) TV, and
   -- gain access to the files in order to edit them.

We aren't big TV folks, and we have never had a DVR. I'd be willing to buy
an inexpensive one, but shopping and Googling confuses the heck out of me.

For example i see these:
I see I have to add my own USB hard disk (which I have). Would that do it?

Would that do it?

PVR? Personal Video Recorder?

Comcast is our provider. Is there a way to do this without additional

I need to record stuff Thursday & Friday.

Anybody willing to give me a kick me in the right direction?


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