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> Hello:
>       I have some code where I am importing transactions.  I have a
> cursor for these transactions where I validate them.  After doing
> this, I want to add them to the transaction table.  I select the
> transaction alias and then do
>            append from (alimport)
>       alimport is an alias variable.  It works for creating the cursor:
>        SQLSEL * from cwkt;
>        where .f.;
>        into cursor (alimport) readwrite nofilter
> It works to select the cursor:
>           select (alimport)
>       So why does the append not work?  I get error 1 with the text
> "File 'c:\cbs2dev\cutlblas_import.dbf' does not exist."
>       I figured out how to do this using SQL, but I would still like
> to know why the append does not work.

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