> Even with all that the release shepard would still need to go through all
> the commits and double check that nothing was missed, plus fixing poor
> wording. I don't think saving 2-3 minutes off a release is worth all these
> downsides.

I agree with Bartek's response here, it's not a 2-3 minute process at all.
Not everyone is familiar with as many areas of the prometheus/prometheus
code as you are, and we're not reviewing or merging most of the PR's in
areas we don't know about. Another factor is the fact that commit messages
and PR descriptions vary widely, and in some cases merged PR's had no
descriptions and commit messages that did not really accurately reflect the
user facing change of the PR.

Even with all these changes, the only thing you'd save is the
> copying&pasting bit as the release shepard still needs to do all of the
> rest which is why I'm saying 2-3 minutes.

The point is the messages you're copy/pasting are not necessarily accurate,
and again it's not 2-3 minutes.

DCO is a strawman argument. We're always going to have issues with
> submission quality.

Yes. While I think the delaying of PR merges and having to rebase because
of CHANGELOG.md are valid concerns, I don't think we should choose not to
adopt some improved changelog management based on these reasons. As you
say, we're always going to have issues with varying quality of drive by
submissions. We can only do our best to encourage people submitting those
PR's to be good citizens and help make our lives easier.

Right now I'm liking Matthias' idea:

> My ideal flow would be:

- the PR template has an empty entry for the changelog. a <!-- comment -->
> encourages contributors to fill it in but notes that the maintainers will
> take care of it
> - it also has an optional entry for additional changelog remarks (we can
> leave this out if it's too much)
> - as the maintainer, if I want to change or edit it, I edit the PR
> description
> - if we don't want an entry for the PR, we delete it or leave it empty
> - once I hit merge, an automatic mechanism adds both to the changelog (can
> CircleCI commit?)

- when creating the release, the shepherd only looks over the changelog,
> possibly adds or consolidates notes about an overarching theme (say, if
> multiple PRs together introduce a change)

I also like the idea of a prombot command like Julien brought up.

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