in the project proposal we say that ZigBee covers many application domains very useful for AAL related project, but we don't mean that ZigBee must be the reference technology for AAL applications. We are aware that there are many competing solutions, IP6LowPan, Wireless HART, or UPnP, DPWS .... With respect to the AALOA mission, this project can be considered one of the many building blocks that may be integrated in a reference platform for AAL. It is an outcome of the PERSONA project, but it is released without the "peculiarities" of the PERSONA project, so that it is a generic solution that can be integrated in the AAL/AmI platform you like.

I didn't understand your last example. In theory ZigBee networks can contains 65.000 nodes, enough for the smart environments we are addressing, but I guess you was thinking to a different use case. The scalability issues in my mind are that ones related to the remote management of thousand of devices; a control center that has to remotely manage many smart home installations, the remote upgrade of the software/firmware installed in such environments, and so on ... but IMO the problems are not on the ZigBee side.


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Dear all,

My vote is positive ... however, it is not clear the strategy for the AAL domain being the driver for the evolution of Zigbee out from a ZigBee for Health Care profile (which is a very limited area in the scope of this technology). This combined with the current activity in this technology entails a high risk for the survival.

Just to mention an additional implementation being integrated in device abstraction activities running in OSAmI project; the (paralell) R&D activities of the team involved in this technology are moving in the direction of overcoming the current limitations in the number of nodes in the context of real deployment scenarios (some already in operation) which are difficult to find in the AAL domain.

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          Dear Governing Board of AALOA, and Promoters,

    I would like to submit to your attention the attached project proposal
    concerning the ZigBee networks integration with the OSGi platform.

    I ask you to consider it for becoming an AALOA Project and to allocate
    the needed resources for its software development.

    As promoter of this proposal and member of the Governing Board I will
    abstain from voting on this issue.
    I remember to the promoters that even if  they haven't a binding vote,
    their comments are very welcome.

    Kind regards,
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