>>> Nevertheles. My palette doesn't look good. I have the following message
>>> when I open PP
>>> "Warning: Cannot convert string "holnormal" to type FontStruct"
>> ....
>> xset +fp <pphome>/fonts fp rehash
>> where <pphome> stands for the directory in which you installed
>> ProofPower
>> (e.g., /usr/local/pp). If that works, xpp should now work.
> Rob/Phil, This is an old chestnut, but I can't remember what we did about
> it...

xpp _should_ do it automatically (as I said in my post), but apparently
was not doing so for Marcel. I was asking him to do the xset by hand to
see if/how it failed in order to debug the problem with xpp. His problem
has apparently gone away now he has made a clean start.



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