The OpenMotif bug report suggests that if you use jpeg versions of the template 
images, then things will work. You can find a tarball containing the jpegs you 
need here:

If you copy these into the bitmaps directory in the ProofPower installation 
directory (or your own bitmaps directory if you have one) and change all the 
".bmp" file extensions in app-defaults/Xpp to ".jpg", that should give you a 
workaround. Please let me know how you get on.



On 8 Jul 2011, at 01:00, Phil Clayton wrote:

> On Fedora 14 and later, Xpp always produces a warning dialog on start up 
> saying it can't find the bitmap images for the templates.  (And the images 
> don't appear in the templates window.)  This appears to be due to the 
> following:
> I haven't looked into any work-around.
> On Fedora 15, building Xpp works but it seg faults when I run it - see 
> attached xpp_output.log.  I can run a version built elsewhere but it has 
> serious issues not updating the text windows when scrolling under certain 
> circumstances, which may be related to Gnome 3 - I don't know.
> Anyone unfortunate enough to be using Gnome 3 as well will find that the left 
> window key (Super_L) is now used by Gnome.  There is a simple work-around 
> apart from the obvious using another modifier key.  For
>  Shift+Super_L  make sure you press Shift first
>  Super_L        press X; press Super_L; release X
> where X is any benign key.  I use Shift (as I'm already in the habit of 
> pressing Shift+Super_L).
> Phil - wishing I had stuck with Fedora 13 for now...
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