On 08/07/11 01:00, Phil Clayton wrote:
On Fedora 15, building Xpp works but it seg faults when I run it - see
attached xpp_output.log.

On further investigation, I may have unfairly attributed this to using Fedora 15. The cause of the issue appears to be having a long path to the xpp executable, i.e. a long string in argv[0], at run-time.

On my machine, when argv[0] (incl. null terminator) is more than 78 characters, xpp crashes. I can reproduce it simply by copying my existing pp installation to a new directory as follows:

cp -a /opt/pp/pp-2.9.1w2.rda.110226 /tmp/ppxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Then argv is
which is 79 characters (incl. null terminator) and this makes xpp crash.

Unfortunately all my builds since moving to Fedora 15 were temporary builds to test patches which were located somewhere deep in the directory hierarchy.


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