On 11/6/2014 7:36 AM, deoren wrote:
> According to Pidgin, these are the modules I have active:
> adhoc
> admin_adhoc
> announce
> auth_dovecot
> auto_accept_subscriptions
> bosh
> c2s
> carbons
> compression
> disco
> groups
> http
> iq
> log_auth
> mam
> mam_archive
> message
> motd
> offline
> pep
> ping
> presence
> private
> proxy65
> proxy65_whitelist
> roster
> s2s
> saslauth
> smacks
> storage_internal
> storage_sql2
> time
> tls
> uptime
> vcard
> version
> and if I'm running the right command (I'm new to Mercurial), these are 
> the changed files:
> # hg status --rev 1513:1545
> M mod_auth_pam/mod_auth_pam.lua
> M mod_mam/mamprefsxml.lib.lua
> M mod_mam_archive/mod_mam_archive.lua
> M mod_mam_muc/mod_mam_muc.lua
> M mod_muc_log/mod_muc_log.lua
> M mod_profile/mod_profile.lua
> M mod_smacks/mod_smacks.lua
> A mod_roster_allinall/mod_roster_allinall.lua
> A mod_sslv3_warn/mod_sslv3_warn.lua
> R mod_websocket/mod_websocket.lua
> R mod_websocket/websocket.html
> When I first encountered this problem it was with r1535, so viewing just 
> those changed files:
> # hg status --rev 1513:1535
> M mod_mam/mamprefsxml.lib.lua
> M mod_mam_archive/mod_mam_archive.lua
> M mod_mam_muc/mod_mam_muc.lua
> M mod_profile/mod_profile.lua
> M mod_smacks/mod_smacks.lua
> A mod_sslv3_warn/mod_sslv3_warn.lua

I looked back over the repo commit logs and compared against the modules
I'm running and only two applicable modules were modified between the
revision I was running (r1513) and where I ended up with the issues (r1535):

* mod_mam
* mod_smacks

I updated my local clone to r1514 and restarted Prosody. Overnight I had
none of the issues that plagued me previously (which would occur
somewhere within an 8 hour period after making the change).

It would appear that my issue is related to mod_smacks, either directly
or its interaction with another module.

I'm sure there is a better way to format this, but here are all of the changes 
to mod_smacks that fall between the working and failing revision points.

hg log -r1513:1535 mod_smacks | grep -E 'changeset|summary' | cut -f 2- -d ' ' 
| sed -r 's/\s{2,}//g' | awk 'NR%2{printf $0"  ";next;}1'

1517:8ac4438925cf  mod_smacks: Examine the state of the stanza *before* it was 
1518:9475fe14d58d  mod_smacks: Correctly check if what is being sent is a stanza
1520:2881d532f385  mod_smacks: Use filters for queuing outgoing stanzas instead 
of wrapping session.send()
1522:d4a4ed31567e  mod_smacks: Trick session.send() into not returning nil or 
mod_message will act as if messages were not delivered
1526:120817435151  mod_smacks: Fix sending ack requests on s2s
1527:06ecc5b3ca46  mod_smacks: Send failure correctly on s2s
1528:5ccb3ee2cf72  mod_smacks: Remove variable not used after 2881d532f385
1529:16893646a458  mod_smacks: Move wrap_session() contents into separate 
direction-specific routines
1530:fb7cd669f41b  mod_smacks: Initiate outgoing smacks on s2s when sending 
request and incoming when the remote says enabled
1531:7d86fc477993  mod_smacks: Delay initiation of outgoing smacks on s2s until 
after queued stanzas are sent

My current plan is to jump to somewhere in the middle and see whether the 
problem is present. I'd then start stepping backwards until it works again.

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