On 11/9/2014 3:11 PM, deoren wrote:
> On 11/6/2014 7:36 AM, deoren wrote:
>> According to Pidgin, these are the modules I have active:
>> adhoc
>> admin_adhoc
>> announce
>> auth_dovecot
>> auto_accept_subscriptions
>> bosh
>> c2s
>> carbons
>> compression
>> disco
>> groups
>> http
>> iq
>> log_auth
>> mam
>> mam_archive
>> message
>> motd
>> offline
>> pep
>> ping
>> presence
>> private
>> proxy65
>> proxy65_whitelist
>> roster
>> s2s
>> saslauth
>> smacks
>> storage_internal
>> storage_sql2
>> time
>> tls
>> uptime
>> vcard
>> version
>> and if I'm running the right command (I'm new to Mercurial), these are 
>> the changed files:
>> # hg status --rev 1513:1545
>> M mod_auth_pam/mod_auth_pam.lua
>> M mod_mam/mamprefsxml.lib.lua
>> M mod_mam_archive/mod_mam_archive.lua
>> M mod_mam_muc/mod_mam_muc.lua
>> M mod_muc_log/mod_muc_log.lua
>> M mod_profile/mod_profile.lua
>> M mod_smacks/mod_smacks.lua
>> A mod_roster_allinall/mod_roster_allinall.lua
>> A mod_sslv3_warn/mod_sslv3_warn.lua
>> R mod_websocket/mod_websocket.lua
>> R mod_websocket/websocket.html
>> When I first encountered this problem it was with r1535, so viewing just 
>> those changed files:
>> # hg status --rev 1513:1535
>> M mod_mam/mamprefsxml.lib.lua
>> M mod_mam_archive/mod_mam_archive.lua
>> M mod_mam_muc/mod_mam_muc.lua
>> M mod_profile/mod_profile.lua
>> M mod_smacks/mod_smacks.lua
>> A mod_sslv3_warn/mod_sslv3_warn.lua
> I looked back over the repo commit logs and compared against the modules
> I'm running and only two applicable modules were modified between the
> revision I was running (r1513) and where I ended up with the issues (r1535):
> * mod_mam
> * mod_smacks
> I updated my local clone to r1514 and restarted Prosody. Overnight I had
> none of the issues that plagued me previously (which would occur
> somewhere within an 8 hour period after making the change).
> It would appear that my issue is related to mod_smacks, either directly
> or its interaction with another module.
> I'm sure there is a better way to format this, but here are all of the 
> changes to mod_smacks that fall between the working and failing revision 
> points.
> hg log -r1513:1535 mod_smacks | grep -E 'changeset|summary' | cut -f 2- -d ' 
> ' | sed -r 's/\s{2,}//g' | awk 'NR%2{printf $0"  ";next;}1'
> 1517:8ac4438925cf  mod_smacks: Examine the state of the stanza *before* it 
> was send
> 1518:9475fe14d58d  mod_smacks: Correctly check if what is being sent is a 
> stanza
> 1520:2881d532f385  mod_smacks: Use filters for queuing outgoing stanzas 
> instead of wrapping session.send()
> 1522:d4a4ed31567e  mod_smacks: Trick session.send() into not returning nil or 
> mod_message will act as if messages were not delivered
> 1526:120817435151  mod_smacks: Fix sending ack requests on s2s
> 1527:06ecc5b3ca46  mod_smacks: Send failure correctly on s2s
> 1528:5ccb3ee2cf72  mod_smacks: Remove variable not used after 2881d532f385
> 1529:16893646a458  mod_smacks: Move wrap_session() contents into separate 
> direction-specific routines
> 1530:fb7cd669f41b  mod_smacks: Initiate outgoing smacks on s2s when sending 
> request and incoming when the remote says enabled
> 1531:7d86fc477993  mod_smacks: Delay initiation of outgoing smacks on s2s 
> until after queued stanzas are sent
> My current plan is to jump to somewhere in the middle and see whether the 
> problem is present. I'd then start stepping backwards until it works again.

I ended up starting at r1528 and working backwards (restarting Prosody after 
each run of hg update -rREVISION) each time the issues reappeared. I've made it 
down to r1518 and so far it's been pretty stable. I had a client act pretty 
peculiar (Yaxim) earlier today at r1518, but I think it may have been unrelated.

Is there anything further I can do to help troubleshoot the changes newer than 

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