On Fri, 20 Mar 2015, at 07:02 PM, Victor Seva wrote:
> Great. I'm was working on that already so maybe we can share ideas. Be
> aware that this work was done several months ago for 0.9.4 and I had
> to stop working on this due to work load.

Sure! I haven't had time to read your code yet, but I will very soon.
Thanks for mentioning it!

>> I'm expecting s2s to be covered by a par of Prosody instances that
>> accept stanzas and pass them to the right shard. I should be able to
>> run multiple of those because they're basically stateless.
> But did you try that?

No, not yet, but it seems to make sense. Do you anticipate a problem
with that approach?

> My approach was to extend mod_s2s as mod_s2sc to connect the nodes:

So you're doing s2s/dialback between nodes? That will work I suppose,
but in my case would be unnecessary overhead (not a lot of overhead,
but still).

Do you do outbound s2s from the cluster nodes, or push that through a
central s2s node? I'm thinking I'll have inbound through a central node,
but outbound directly from the shards - much easier to manage.

> So I think we are trying to do the same thing. I have to point that I
> didn't finish to polish this and for sure it could not work as it is
> right now. But you can get the idea.

Of course. I'll have a good read of your code as soon as I possibly can.
Thanks again!

Cheers, Rob N.

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