I'm currently working on file transfer, and I realized that default minimum 
buffer size for proxy65 is 4096 octets. If a client send a bigger one, it will 
be disconnected.

I haven't found documentation about a recommended buffer size, but 4Kio seems 
really low to me, especially if going above disconnect the client.
64 Kio seems more usual. In fact I have tried with Gajim, and it is 
disconnected when sending a file through the proxy.
On my client I have set the size to 4Kio because of this, but I wonder if the 
subject has already been discussed here (after all, I guess I'm not the first 
one to send a file through prosody proxy with gajim).
So if you have any hint on why this limit has been choosed, and if I need to 
report that to Gajim developers, i would appreciate.

Thanks !

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