On 11 November 2015 at 21:19, Goffi <go...@goffi.org> wrote:
> G'day,
> I'm currently working on file transfer, and I realized that default minimum
> buffer size for proxy65 is 4096 octets. If a client send a bigger one, it will
> be disconnected.

That's not intentional (obviously). Filling the buffer in mod_proxy65
is harmless and not an error.

I suspect you may be encountering an unrelated known issue. Are you
using libevent with Prosody? Does the client get disconnected, or does
the connection freeze?

Try setting the following in your config file (global section) and see
if the issue goes away:

  network_default_read_size = "*a"

If that doesn't fix it, please supply debug logs.

> I haven't found documentation about a recommended buffer size, but 4Kio seems
> really low to me, especially if going above disconnect the client.
> 64 Kio seems more usual. In fact I have tried with Gajim, and it is
> disconnected when sending a file through the proxy.
> On my client I have set the size to 4Kio because of this, but I wonder if the
> subject has already been discussed here (after all, I guess I'm not the first
> one to send a file through prosody proxy with gajim).
> So if you have any hint on why this limit has been choosed, and if I need to
> report that to Gajim developers, i would appreciate.

If Prosody is disconnecting the client here, it's most likely a bug on
our side, not Gajim. And you're certainly not the first person to send
a file through mod_proxy65, in the past I have stress-tested it,
streaming many GB through at a good speed. The buffer is a part of
that, and I think 4KB is fine for general use and public servers. It
seems it's not configurable however, and we should probably fix


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